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Remember these?  The squares for the High Tea Crochet Fusion quilt?



Well, while watching TV yesterday evening, I looked at a few more ways to join crochet squares and decided on one – the single crochet join.  I’ve done all the horizontal joins and am ready to start the vertical ones.  It went pretty fast once I made a decision.  Here is what it looks like now.


Here’s a closeup in case you can’t tell what I’ve done.


This pretty little quilt may very well be my first finish of the year although I’m nearing completion on another that I’ll post before and after pictures once it is finished.  In the meantime………………………………..

Happy Quilting,



Well, let’s start with the stall.  I am ready to sew the squares together on the High Tea Quilt (see last post).  But I didn’t like doing it the way it was described in the instructions.  So I’ve done some research and am going to try another way of joining the squares.  When I get ready.  LOL

Now for the start.  While working on the last braided border of the Confetti quilt, I didn’t have anything to alternate piecing with so that I could chain piece.  So……….I pulled out some leftover blocks from another quilt I did earlier this year, arranged them in a design pleasing to me, and started sewing.  I would sew one piece onto the Confetti quilt and one piece onto this new quilt.  That way I could chain piece.  Yay!  I call this new quilt “X Marks the Spot”.


There are 15 blocks in all and will make a large throw.

Now for the finish.  Did you guess?  Yes, I finished the top for the Confetti quilt.  It is the largest quilt top I have made to date.  And it sure took me a good while.  Now to decide how to quilt it.


Happy Quilting,



I spent my week in Centerview, Missouri, at Hunter Heirloom Quilting taking some classes.  The first day, my hubby and I joined a few other people to learn how to maintain our Innova longarms.  The class was taught by Joe Hunter.  I already knew the first few items he covered but learned a lot after he got past those.  Hope my hubby picked up on things I may have missed.  That was the whole idea behind having him go with me.

The next day I took my first ever quilting class entitled “Taming the FMQ Fear, Part 1”.  Since I got my longarm last May, I have done pantographs and ruler work mostly with a little free motion quilting (FMQ) thrown in.  But the FMQ scared me because I was having trouble deciding where I needed to go next.  Indecision can paralyze.   I especially feared stippling.  I still don’t care for stippling but found that there are alternatives that are much more fun to do.  I not only overcame my fear, I began to improvise and create my own patterns.  I especially like the rose pattern and one of the leaf patterns we learned.

Leaf Meandering Pattern

While doing the rose pattern, there was a little hip swinging motion going on.  LOL  It was a lot of fun.

Rose Meandering Pattern

The last block that we quilted, we were encouraged to make up our own meandering pattern.  I chose to mix the leaf pattern and the rose pattern.  I was very pleased with the result and plan to use it on a future quilt.

Rose and Leaf Meandering Pattern

Hope you also had a good week doing something you love to do.


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