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Besides moving my sister and her husband and doing some mending for her, I managed to meet all of my goals and then some.  Whoohoo!

The number one priority goal is the Jacob’s Ladder blocks for the three king size quilts I need to finish this year.  I did reach my goal of 36:


In addition to these blocks, I completed 12 of the quad Log Cabin blocks which is more than I’ve been able to complete in a single month so far:


Then I decided it was high time I finished a set of 7 tea towels I started the first week of December 2016.  I learned a lot about my embroidery machine working on these since the lettering would not fit in my 4 x 4 field.  I used a movable hoop and learned how to mark things and line them up.  I’m pretty new to this embroidery machine game.  LOLIMG_7188


And since I had the embroidery machine stuff strewn all over the place, I decided to make a set of 5 tea towels for one of my granddaughters for her birthday:


After I finished the embroidery, I did a bit of cleaning and straightening in my studio.  While I was whistling while I worked, I had a brainstorm.  My shelving for my fabric stash and other treasures is made from two shuttered bi-fold closet doors and 5 boards.  It dawned on me that those shutters showing on the end could work harder than just holding up 5 boards.  They could also hold my cones of quilting thread.  Here is what my husband and I came up with:


Now isn’t that just handy dandy?

Oh, and I almost forgot about the doll dress I finished.  I did the embroidery whilst all that stuff was out, and then I put the fasteners on the jumper and the tee:


Maggie really likes the bee on her red corduroy jumper.

Then I finished a blanket my youngest granddaughter started about 4 years ago:


And to finish off the month, I took a strip of fabric and folded it just so and sewed it up, added a pair of folding scissors, and then put it with the other stuff I made for one of my sisters for her birthday:


I think that’s it.  Like I said, it’s been a mighty busy and productive month!

Happy Crafting,


They are finished!  I finished the last one yesterday and got the labels on all three today.  I sure hope my sisters like them.



Hope you have a very Merry Christmas,


Here is a picture of my grandmother’s quilt top.

IMG_6006As you can see she did the appliques diagonally across the block.  I would have expected them to be put into a quilt top on point.  There is also a lot, a whole lot of white background.  Some quilter’s may have loved having all that back ground to fill with quilting, but I didn’t have a clue what to do with it.

One day while looking through a rather old quilting magazine, I ran across a picture of a little quilt with only four blocks.  Two Sunbonnet Sues and two Overall Bills surrounded by sashing and then a couple of borders.  But this simple little quilt gave me the idea of making four smaller quilts from Nanny’s quilt top.  And being one who likes to have a complete plan, I started searching for quilting design ideas.  My go to is Pinterest.  Click here to see what I found.

Okay.  Now I have a plan.  But remember that the appliques were diagonal, so I had to cut them down.  And in some cases I had to sew some background fabric onto a corner.  I ended up with 10 1/2″ blocks which would finish at 10″.  Perfect for making 25-patch blocks.  All I needed were a whole bunch of scraps from which to cut 2 1/2″ squares.  I had fabric strewn all over my sewing room for several days while cutting all these squares.  I also had to cut lots of 2 1/2″ squares from the background fabric.  Did I say that this background fabric was flour sacks?  I didn’t quite have enough but did have some from a previous quilt that I had refurbished.  Yay!  I’m on a roll.

After picking up all the fabric I had all over the place, I started sewing.  It went fairly quickly.  Then I designed the embroidery for the other block I needed for the quilts and started embroidering.  I showed you part of the quilting in the previous post.  Here are two of the quilts completed.

IMG_6450 IMG_6453

If you have inherited a quilt top and don’t know what to do with it, make something else out of it.  It’s okay.  It’s yours now.  Enjoy it.

Happy quilting,


I have been very busy the past three months or so doing embroidery work on three quilt blocks that have been include in my sister’s quilts which will be their Christmas presents.  It all started with a quilt top that my mother gave me that her mother had made.  It was one of her first quilt tops – an appliqued Sunbonnet Sue which had 11 Sunbonnet Sues and 2 Overall Bills.  I was at a total loss as to do with this quilt top until I saw a Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging that had 4 Sunbonnet Sues in it and 5 25-patch blocks.  I decided right then and there to divide the quilt top so that my 3 sisters and I would each have a part of Nanny’s quilt top.

It dawned on me very quickly being a math teacher that 13 is not evenly divisible by 4.  And I wanted to use all of the blocks in these 4 smaller projects.  And there was the problem of having the 2 Overall Bill’s.  As luck would have it, the Overall Bill’s had matching Sunbonnet Sue’s, so those 4 blocks would go into one quilt.  Now to divide the remaining 9 blocks into ones that looked good together.

I ended up with a pink and green; light blue, yellow and red; and medium blue, gold and deep red colorways.  Now to find out which sister to give each of them to.  So I polled them.  I gave them a list of the colorways and asked them to choose their favorite.  Luck was with me on this one as they each chose a different one.  Can you believe that?  LOL

Now, as you may recall, I needed 4 Sunbonnet Sue blocks to make each of these wall hangings and I only have 3 for each of them.  So what to do.  I decided to make an embroidered block to fill in.  It was all hand embroidery which I don’t really enjoy doing so had to force myself to work on them.  But after about 3 months the embroidery was complete.  Yay!

Now the real fun begins – quilting the quilt.  Most of the quilt is ruler work with a straight ruler for the cross hatching and various sizes of circle rulers.  I felt somewhat like a contortionist quilting around those circles.  The rest is FMQ.  I have finished the quilting on 2 of them and am working on the hanging sleeves and binding.  Here is a picture of one of the quilted embroidered blocks.

IMG_6445I will do an update to this post when the 3 for my sister’s are completed.  Mine has been put on hold until all the Christmas gifts are done.

Happy quilting,


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