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Slow Going

After several days of working on the Crochet Fusion Quilt, I have made some progress, but it is slow going.  I trimmed the corners of all 42 squares, turned them right side out, and top stitched 1/4 inch from the edges.  Then I started working on the blanket stitch.  After getting the blanket stitch completed on 6 blocks, I wanted to see how the crochet would look so did the crochet around 1 of the blocks.  I currently have the blanket stitch completed on 7 blocks, started the blanket stitch on the 8th block, and have completed the crochet around 1 block.


My progress on the Confetti Quilt is also slow going at this point.  I’ve trimmed 225 four-patch blocks and have 50 remaining to be trimmed.  Hopefully this next week I will get the borders and sashing cut for this quilt and start sewing the rows together.

Hope your projects are showing a bit faster results than my current ones.  LOL

Happy Quilting,



Or Should I Say Projects

After spending 40+ years on my last project……Well, there were moments when I didn’t work on it.  Now there’s an understatement.  LOL  Well, anyway, I was anxious to start on something new.  So anxious that I’ve started two new projects.

The first involves about 270 four-patch blocks that finish at 3 inches.  In less than a weeks time, I have all the four-patches sewn together and have started squareing them up.


I’ve trimmed 75 of them so far, and my thumb on my right hand is now officially sore from all that trimming.  So to give it a rest, I’ve temporarily moved on.

I ran across a tutorial for the sweetest baby blanket.  You can see it here, but don’t forget to come back and see what I’m doing with it.

Welcome back!  Isn’t it just the sweetest ever?  And about the time I found this tutorial, I received an email from the Missouri Star Quilting Co. with their daily deal which was FREE SHIPPING.  I love free shipping.  So I went to their website and shopped their charm packs.  I found the most delightful one which also included 250 bonus Quilter’s Cash points.  So I promptly ordered two packs.  That was on Friday.  On Sunday I noticed that my order would most likely be delivered on Monday, so I got busy cutting 5 inch squares of batting from my batting scraps.  I needed 42.  Done.

As expected the charm packs came today, and I got busy sewing and before I knew it I had turned this


into this.














The first step is complete.  Now to trim the corners and turn each square right side out.

Until then, Happy Quilting,




I finished my first great grandbaby’s quilt today.  Now to get it to the precious one.  Aspen Rain made her debut weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long.  She looks like her mama.  I haven’t got to see her yet but will definitely see her soon and take her the quilt.


I finished quilting my great grandbaby’s quilt today.  I used two different sizes of round longarm ruler/templates to do the quilting.  Is it perfect?  Not by a long shot.  But I am very pleased with the result, oopsies and all.  Now I’m off to start the binding.


The sashing went on easily and quickly. Here is the finished quilt top:


I sent a picture to the sweet mother-to-be to find out if she wanted it as a wall hanging or for the baby to cover up with when colder weather moves in next fall. She wants to use it so will quilt it with an edge-to-edge pattern. Now to decide which one. Once I’ve decided, it should go pretty quickly. Will post a final picture when it is done.

Happy Quilting,


I got finished quicker than I thought! Only took me a couple of hours to complete the last six blocks. Here is a picture of all nine blocks together.


After seeing them together in this picture, I see that I want to move a couple. Now it’s time to get busy on the sashing.

Happy Quilting,


It never fails! Every quilt I make, I make a mistake. Nothing to do but learn from it and move on.

I would have had three more blocks completed, but one of them was too big. I accidentally set my needle position for my quarter inch seam too far to the right causing the seams to be narrower than they should have been. I didn’t discover it until the last few seams. Arrrrgh! Fortunately I had enough of the fabric to cut another block, and so I move on.

I really would rather do one block at a time because I like instant gratification. Unfortunately my druthers required me to change sewing machine feet and needle position. I thought I remembered the setting for the needle, but evidently I didn’t. So I changed my approach.

I cut the pieces for the rest of the blocks, and then did all the diagonal seams for every block. Then I changed the presser foot and adjusted the needle position while carefully measuring to insure that the seam allowance was correct. I really REALLY don’t want a repeat of that mistake block. Then I started sewing the ¼” straight seams. I managed to complete two blocks, but the rest will most likely be finished up tomorrow. Here are the two I completed.



Quilting Tip: When you need to draw a diagonal line across a square of fabric, lay the fabric on a piece of sandpaper. The sandpaper keeps it from moving while you draw the line.


Happy Quilting,


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