January Goal Met!

With A Teensy Bit of Adjustment

I finished all 36 Jacob’s Ladder blocks that I planned on making this month.  I must admit that I found that my original goal of 45 blocks was too much with all the other things in my life, so I had to adjust down.  My new goal for each month for 6 months is to finish 36 Jacob’s Ladder blocks and work toward finishing one other less time consuming project.  I finished two this month that were in an earlier post (which I noticed has somehow mysteriously disappeared from my blog and so will fix it later).

Since I am making 3 identical blocks, I only used 1 of each set in my picture.


Happy Quilting,


My First AND Second Finishes of the New Year

Okay, something happened to my first post for these finishes.  The title stayed while the body of the post disappeared.  So am attempting to recreate it.  As Winnie the Pooh would say, “Oh, bother.”

My first finish of the year was the Crochet Fusion quilt.  I ripped out the last two rounds of crocheted edging three times before I figured out what was wrong.  The count was off because I used 5″ squares of fabric rather than 6″ squares as in the original pattern.  I had to make some adjustments which happily are indiscernable unless you actually do some counting or look very, very closely.  Now who would do such a thing!  LOL

I am pleased with my finished blanket:


My second finish of the year is a doll cradle.  My niece gave me some pink and ivory decor fabrics some time back, and then I found this cute pink doll cradle at a yard sale.


After much thinking and draping of fabric and cutting of fabric and sewing of fabric and lace, it now looks like this:


My little antique dolls love their new bed.

Happy Crafting,


Remember This Stalled Project?

Remember these?  The squares for the High Tea Crochet Fusion quilt?



Well, while watching TV yesterday evening, I looked at a few more ways to join crochet squares and decided on one – the single crochet join.  I’ve done all the horizontal joins and am ready to start the vertical ones.  It went pretty fast once I made a decision.  Here is what it looks like now.


Here’s a closeup in case you can’t tell what I’ve done.


This pretty little quilt may very well be my first finish of the year although I’m nearing completion on another that I’ll post before and after pictures once it is finished.  In the meantime………………………………..

Happy Quilting,


And More Blocks

Still on schedule for January and still going strong.  In other words, my want to has not waned.  LOL

I finished three more Jacob’s Ladder blocks and another quad Log Cabin block.  Just for fun I am showing them with the other blocks I finished earlier this week.



And a whole lot more to come.

Happy Quilting,


Blocks Galore!

Staying true to my goals for January (easy to do when just starting out), I completed three Jacob’s Ladder blocks yesterday.


Only 42 more to go for the month.  I have decided that 100 blocks per quilt will be too many (see previous post).  It would make it 120″ x 120″.  That is a very large quilt.  The suggested size quilt for a king-size bed is 108″ x 95″.  That would be 9 x 8 blocks which is only 72 blocks.  That will also accommodate the king-size bats much better and the wide backings.  So the demand just went down.  I guarantee ya that I’m not a bit upset about that.  LOL

This morning I made the four tiny Log Cabin blocks and sewed them together to form a single block which measures 5″ unfinished.  Yep, each tiny Log Cabin block finishes at 2 1/4″.  There is a center and 12 logs in each one.  I guess you could say I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ve always enjoyed working with tiny things.  After all, I did teach myself to sew on Barbie doll clothes at age 13.  Yikes!  Here is a picture of it bigger than life.


I’ve already pulled the fabric for the next four blocks.  I’m hoping to finish them by the end of the week.

Now I’m off to see about loading a quilt on the longarm.

Happy Quilting,


New Year’s Day – Perfect Day for Setting Goals

Complete a project for each month of 2017.  That is my goal for this year.  I may not actually complete one project during each month but will be working toward completing twelve projects in 2017.

I have plenty of projects already started to choose from:

  • Four quilt tops waiting to be quilted and bound
  • An 18″ doll pattern that is half written
  • A set of tea towels that are half done
  • The High Tea Crochet Fusion quilt which needs the blocks sewn together and the final crochet edging put on it
  • A pink doll cradle that I’ve started frillying up
  • A Log Cabin quilt that is barely started
  • And I started three Jacob’s Ladder quilts today

And then there are all those kits that I have and all those quilt and doll clothes ideas dancing around in my head.

For January?  Let’s see…  As I stated earlier, I am working on three Jacob’s Ladder quilts.  If I make all three king size, I will need 300 blocks.  I made three blocks today all from the same fabric.  Tomorrow I will make four tiny Log Cabin blocks from the leftovers of that fabric.  So I plan on making 45 Jacob’s Ladder blocks and 60 Log Cabin blocks this month.

And in my spare time, I will work on the pink doll cradle.  I would like to have it completed by the end of January.  And I will get one of those quilt tops loaded on my longarm and at least partially quilted.

Can I do it?  Since my goal for 2016 was to complete twelve quilts which I surpassed, I am confident that I will reach my goal for 2017.

Happy Quilting,



The Confetti Quilt is Finished!

After taking a break to machine embroider three dozen tea towels for Christmas gifts, I have finally finished the Confetti quilt.


Please excuse the bed pillow in the corner.  I just threw everything off the bed so I could get some quick pictures.

I used Quilters’ Dream wool batting and Omni thread top and bottom.  It was my first time for both of these products.  The batting has a bit more loft than what I have used before, and I was surprised at how light this quilt is considering it is a king size.

The corners are angled on this quilt.  Gives it a different look.


The quilting made a very interesting plaid design on the back and diamonds in the borders.



My goal was to finish it by Christmas.  Goal met.  Yay!

Happy Holidays and Happy Quilting,


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