I started August by finishing a doll quilt on the very first day.  I already had it pieced but failed to put that in last month’s post. Now how did I overlook that?  The quilting on it is just a simple design, and I got it bound lickety-split.  Small quilts sure do go fast!

I also made some progress on the king-size quilt that I started in July.  I have all of the 4-patch and HST blocks pressed, and I’ve started squaring up the HSTs with about a quarter of the over 400 blocks done.  I worked on these on days when we were experiencing thunderstorms.  On those days my longarm and sewing machine are unplugged.  Don’t want to chance lightning ruining them.


It never ceases to amaze me that all the blocks for a king-size quilt can fit in one small tote!

Oh, and I made myself a handy-dandy tool for squaring up those HSTs.  I had heard about some rotary rulers that were designed with a ledge along the center diagonal on the bottom of the ruler.  The ledge would nestle against the high side of the seam on the HST block making it easier to keep in place and trim the blocks.  I don’t have one of those rulers, but I do have a 5″ square ruler and some painter’s tape.  So I placed painter’s tape along the diagonal line on the bottom of my ruler.  It worked great!  Makes lining up for the cut so much easier and quicker, and slippage was greatly reduced.  If you don’t want to spend the money on another ruler, you might want to try this hack.


Besides this ruler hack, I repurposed a laundry sorter as a scrap storage container and a pressing table.  I love it!  Combining the two into one unit saves space and is easily moved from place to place.  I also have a larger pressing board that I can lay on top when needed.  Oh, by the way, those three storage bags holds over three bushels.


When pressing things, I have lots of time to think and started looking over at my fabric stash wondering what fabrics I had stored there that would make some nice children’s quilts.  So when I finished pressing, I started pulling fabrics.  I still have some of them stacked up ready to work on when I get the time, but I did complete a few.  The first one is Bob the Builder.  It turned out much brighter than I expected but is cute.


The second one was fussy cut from a clown print.  I really like how it turned out.  I even had enough of the print to use as the backing.


The next quilt was made from blocks that I had left over from another project.  It is too small to be called a throw so can either be used as a lap quilt or a crib quilt.  I just did SID on this one mainly because I did not have a thread that I liked with it so used my 100 weight thread that hides in the ditches pretty well.


One of the fabrics that I pulled for a child’s quilt let me know right away that it wanted to go to my great granddaughter, Aspen.  I’ve completed three of the nine rows.  I hope I have it done by Christmas.


Aspen’s quilt is currently on hold so that I can finish the fourteen poinsettia placemats.  I have about half of the quilting done.  I’m working on the cream backgrounds right now.    In order to quilt these backgrounds, I had to move my laser pointer from the back to the front of my machine.  After I worked out some kinks, the quilting is going pretty fast.  When the backgrounds are done, I will change thread and do some detail work on the poinsettias.


I’m pretty pleased with all that I accomplished during August.  I was much more productive than I was in the previous two months.   I hope you were also pleased with your month.  Until next time,

Happy crafting,