I just took a look back at December’s post to see how I’m doing in meeting the goals I set for myself for 2019.  In the following list that I copied from December’s post, I’ve crossed through the things that I’ve completed and added descriptions on how I am progressing.  Here goes:

  • I have 192 quad Log Cabin blocks that need to be sewn into 16 rows of 12 blocks each and those 16 rows need to be sewn together.  I have finished sewing the first row and have started the second.  I think that I will just jump on this and get it done.  It is actually going faster than I anticipated.  When all is together the borders need to be cut to size and the appliqués put on them.  Then there is the quilting and binding and labeling to do.  I really would like to complete this quilt by the end of 2019 but am thinking that I may be setting my goals a tad too high since I like to mix in other projects as I go along.
  • I have 14 appliquéd placemats to make.  The background squares are cut and ready to sew together.  The appliqués are now all stitched onto the placemats.  Ready to be quilted and then bound.
  • I have a quilt on my frame to finish quilting and three in the closet to quilt.  I finished the quilt on my frame and now have another on it half quilted.  And without realizing it, I somehow increased the number of quilts hanging in the closet waiting to be quilted from three to four.  Now how did that happen?  And after they are quilted, there will be bindings and labels to do.
  • I want to use up all the 2 1/2” squares and strips I cut from thrift store shirts, skirts, etc.  They will be sewn into quilts that will be donated.  I’ve already chosen a pattern for the next one.  Just need to decide what neutral color to use for the background.  I have a bolt of white in my stash.  That always looks nice.  All of these scraps are in quilt tops – one on the frame being quilted and two in the closet waiting their turn.  So this goal is nearing completion.
  • I’ve chosen a piece of home décor fabric from my stash to make a cover for my new Sizzix eclips2 electronic cutting machine.  I need to do that right away to keep the machine lint and dust free.  I can check this one off my list.  It is the only goal I’ve actually completed to date.
  • I want to take more online quilting classes.  I paid for a subscription and would really like to take advantage of it.  I’ve watched a lot of videos and have learned a lot.  I still have others on my list that I want to watch.
  • And I took time out for a few unplanned projects – 5 crocheted doll hats, 5 crocheted dishcloths, 1 hair scrunchie, 2 sewing machine mats with pockets, 2 hotpads, and 1 wallet.

I’m actually doing better than I thought.  Now I must get back to it.

Happy Crafting,