What with going to doctor appointments, watching our grandson play golf, and all the storms that went through, I hardly got in my sewing room.  And before I knew it, June was gone with hardly anything to show.

On the positive side, all the doctor appointments went well, and the grandson did well for a 10-year-old golfer.  He is one of the best putters in his age group but still needs to work on his distance on drives.  He has to hit the ball more times to get to the green than the other boys but manages to stay up with his awesome putting.  He placed 5th in the season.

When I was at home, I grabbed 5, 10, 15 minutes to sew whenever I could and so managed to get the appliques stitched on the Poinsettia placemats.


And that was all folks!  Hope you managed to squeeze in a bit more crafting than I could.

Happy Crafting,