For the past 9 years, we have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family.  Anywhere from 18 to 25 people showed up each year.  This year we had to cancel because my husband got sick.  He couldn’t get in to see the doctor until the afternoon before Thanksgiving Day to find out if he was contagious or not.  Turns out he was not contagious, so our daughter, her husband, her daughter, our other two granddaughters, and our great-granddaughter came and spoiled him.  We had a very nice relaxing day.

Now on to the rest of the November goings-on:

  • My weekly goal of three Quad Log Cabin blocks was met with 12 blocks completed.  A whole lot of blues.  Hey!  Where did that pink block come from?  LOL


I now have a total of 177 blocks stored in that nice big white box waiting for the remaining 15 blocks to be completed.  I actually have the fabric pressed, cut, and ready to start sewing them up.  In fact, I have pieces for 17 blocks just in case I don’t like the way a block or two looks in the quilt when I get everything laid out.


  • Square Dance is finished! It turned out quite pretty for just a bunch of cut up shirts, skirts and dresses.  Did you notice that I made good use of more scraps in the scrappy border and binding?


I also finished the Fading Charms top and have it on the longarm frame.  Now if I can get my longarm to stop breaking threads, I’ll get it finished.  Need to put in another call to the 24/7 hotline to continue trouble-shooting the problem.


And I finished another quilt top that I’m calling Zigzaggy.  It is hanging in the closet awaiting its turn on the longarm.


  • I’ve been shopping for fabrics so that I can get started on 2019 Christmas gifts. I did the pumpkin placemats for 2018 and will be doing appliquéd poinsettia placemats for next year.  I have some of the background fabrics and the reds for the flowers and berries.  I also have some fabrics that I can use for backings.  Still shopping for the border, binding, and fabric for the leaves.  Oh, and some more fabrics for the background.  The fabrics I ordered didn’t have enough contrast.  I ordered white on cream tone-on-tones.  I’ll order some white on white to get the contrast I’m looking for.

So on my December to do list is the 17 quad Log Cabin blocks, finish quilting Fading Charms and bind it, and quilt and bind Zigzaggy.  And all that whiling doing all the Christmas prep.  You think that’ll keep me out of trouble?

Happy Crafting,