Memories of our dear friend who passed early this month have filled many of my thoughts lately.  Bill has been a friend to my husband and me since 1979.  He was our best friend.  We will miss him greatly.  Those of us who are left behind must plod on, so I did my best to complete my goals for the month in spite of my deep sadness.

  • My weekly goal of three Quad Log Cabin blocks was met with 12 blocks completed. I now have a total of 150 blocks stored in that nice big white box waiting for the remaining 42 blocks to be completed.  Last month’s color theme was mostly pinks and oranges while this month is greens and yellows.  Seriously, I don’t plan this.  When I started this quilt, I systematically went through all of my yard goods and fat quarters pulling all that I thought would make a pretty, bright- colored block.  This is just the order my fabrics were in when I pulled them.


  • I’ve stopped working towards my goal of finishing a quilt each month this year. Why? Because I’ve already finished more than a dozen while adding to my total this month by finishing 4 more placemats.  You see, it doesn’t matter the size – just that a quilt gets done for each month.  On top of that, I got the last 5 placemats quilted.  I will get them bound in October.  Did anybody notice that I finished 2 in July, 3 in August, 4 this month, and will finish 5 next month?  How’d that happen?  LOL


  • I also started putting another quilt top together called Square Dance.  This one is done on the diagonal.  To keep things from getting too bulky, I work the top left corner and the bottom right corner adding a row to each before moving on.  So I have two sections like this that are the same size and another row of blocks ready to sew together.  When I think the quilt is large enough or when I run out of fabric whichever comes first, I will join them with a center row.


  • I spent a day at my sister’s helping her fold fabrics so that she could get them organized on her shelves. We called it a Fabric Petting Fest.  Had a great time!  So far we’ve folded over 300 pieces of yard goods, and I have no idea how many fat quarters we folded.  She still has tubs and tubs and tubs of fabric yet to be folded!  I texted her the next week and asked which day she wanted to pet fabric, but she wouldn’t commit and has yet to set another day.  It has been three weeks since we had our Fabric Petting Fest.  I was hoping that if I got her started that she would keep the momentum going.  Sigh.
  • My husband and I went on a Fix-It Tour a couple of days this month. We do that quite often because my parents are no longer able to do their own repairs anymore, and my little sister and her husband are neither one capable of fixing things.  Mom and dad needed their wheelchair ramp redecked, and a tail light was not working properly in our brother-in-law’s car.  We also helped out our niece by tracking down an electrical problem in her mobile home.  We found and took care of the major problem, but there are three outlets that are not working which we were not able to repair.  Replacing the outlets didn’t work.  No worry though since they are not really needed since there are many, many outlets in that kitchen with some very near these three.
  • I scored a Coldwater Creek long-sleeved shirt at the thrift store for $2. I brought it home, washed it, and removed the collar since I really don’t like collars.  It looks brand new.  A nice addition to my cooler weather wardrobe.  I’ve also started altering other pieces that I already have in my closet because I lost 15 pounds and they are too big.  It’s a nice problem to have.


  • My last finish for the month is this cute purple sweater coat I made for my girls.


So not nearly as much accomplished this month as in previous months.  And next month may not be as productive as this month.  You see, I’ve been called for jury duty.  If I am ultimately chosen to serve on the jury, I may be tied up for up to two weeks.  We’ll see if I feel like doing much sewing when I get home after sitting in court all day.  Sigh.

Happy crafting,