Staying true to my goals for January (easy to do when just starting out), I completed three Jacob’s Ladder blocks yesterday.


Only 42 more to go for the month.  I have decided that 100 blocks per quilt will be too many (see previous post).  It would make it 120″ x 120″.  That is a very large quilt.  The suggested size quilt for a king-size bed is 108″ x 95″.  That would be 9 x 8 blocks which is only 72 blocks.  That will also accommodate the king-size bats much better and the wide backings.  So the demand just went down.  I guarantee ya that I’m not a bit upset about that.  LOL

This morning I made the four tiny Log Cabin blocks and sewed them together to form a single block which measures 5″ unfinished.  Yep, each tiny Log Cabin block finishes at 2 1/4″.  There is a center and 12 logs in each one.  I guess you could say I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ve always enjoyed working with tiny things.  After all, I did teach myself to sew on Barbie doll clothes at age 13.  Yikes!  Here is a picture of it bigger than life.


I’ve already pulled the fabric for the next four blocks.  I’m hoping to finish them by the end of the week.

Now I’m off to see about loading a quilt on the longarm.

Happy Quilting,