Well, let’s start with the stall.  I am ready to sew the squares together on the High Tea Quilt (see last post).  But I didn’t like doing it the way it was described in the instructions.  So I’ve done some research and am going to try another way of joining the squares.  When I get ready.  LOL

Now for the start.  While working on the last braided border of the Confetti quilt, I didn’t have anything to alternate piecing with so that I could chain piece.  So……….I pulled out some leftover blocks from another quilt I did earlier this year, arranged them in a design pleasing to me, and started sewing.  I would sew one piece onto the Confetti quilt and one piece onto this new quilt.  That way I could chain piece.  Yay!  I call this new quilt “X Marks the Spot”.


There are 15 blocks in all and will make a large throw.

Now for the finish.  Did you guess?  Yes, I finished the top for the Confetti quilt.  It is the largest quilt top I have made to date.  And it sure took me a good while.  Now to decide how to quilt it.


Happy Quilting,