Or Should I Say Projects

After spending 40+ years on my last project……Well, there were moments when I didn’t work on it.  Now there’s an understatement.  LOL  Well, anyway, I was anxious to start on something new.  So anxious that I’ve started two new projects.

The first involves about 270 four-patch blocks that finish at 3 inches.  In less than a weeks time, I have all the four-patches sewn together and have started squareing them up.


I’ve trimmed 75 of them so far, and my thumb on my right hand is now officially sore from all that trimming.  So to give it a rest, I’ve temporarily moved on.

I ran across a tutorial for the sweetest baby blanket.  You can see it here, but don’t forget to come back and see what I’m doing with it.

Welcome back!  Isn’t it just the sweetest ever?  And about the time I found this tutorial, I received an email from the Missouri Star Quilting Co. with their daily deal which was FREE SHIPPING.  I love free shipping.  So I went to their website and shopped their charm packs.  I found the most delightful one which also included 250 bonus Quilter’s Cash points.  So I promptly ordered two packs.  That was on Friday.  On Sunday I noticed that my order would most likely be delivered on Monday, so I got busy cutting 5 inch squares of batting from my batting scraps.  I needed 42.  Done.

As expected the charm packs came today, and I got busy sewing and before I knew it I had turned this


into this.














The first step is complete.  Now to trim the corners and turn each square right side out.

Until then, Happy Quilting,