They’re done!  All three table runners are finally finished.  Who knew when I started a Maple Leaf bed quilt in the 70s that I would end up with two throws and three table runners from those blocks so carefully hand pieced all those years ago.  I did, however, learn a lesson from these blocks.  I know without a doubt that I prewashed my fabric before using them as dark colors were notorious for bleeding into other fabrics.  But one washing was not enough.  When I washed the first throw to get the quilting marks out, the rust, burgundy, and red bled onto the white, and I used a Color Catcher just in case.  It seems that Color Catchers don’t catch all dyes.  Even after washing three more times, there is still errant color on the white background.  Oh, well.  Live and learn.  And without further adieu, here are the long awaited table runners.


Now onto the next project.

Happy Quilting,