Progress Report on My Quilt 40 Years in the Making

Since I had washed some of the blocks to test the markers, I had to wash the rest.  Thirteen in all.  I had decided to make three matching table runners since I have a side table, the dining table, and the kitchen island that also makes a table.  The dining table runner will be one block longer than the other two.

Then I started auditioning green fabrics for the sashings and borders.


I pulled three fabrics I believed would work but had limited yardage of each.  From left to right, a darker green solid, a green with tiny white dots that matches the leaf stems, and the mottled green.  I felt the green with white dots was too busy and the mottled green has a tinge of blue to it, so I went with the solid darker green.

I quickly busied myself cutting 1 1/2″ strips with my wonderful slotted ruler.  First time I’ve used it.  Now I can’t figure out why I waited so long to get it.  It is such a time saver.  But I must be very careful to cut everything perfectly with no mistakes because I barely have enough of this fabric for all three runners.

I need a bunch of strips 7 1/2″ long and a whole bunch of 1 1/2″ squares.  Done.  I start sewing.  Something is not working out right.  Oops!  I forgot to add the seam allowances on each end of the 7 1/2″ strips.  They should have been 8″ long.  So I cut a few strips 8″ long – just a few to make sure I’ve not done something else wrong, and I don’t have much of this green fabric left.

I start sewing again.  Now what’s wrong…..I pull the picture off the wall that I’m using for a guide, draw a square around the leaf block, and find that my strips should have been 9 1/2″ long.  I totally looked at the picture wrong.  My first choice fabric is laying there in all the wrong size pieces, and there is no more.  I grab all of that mess and toss it to the side to be dealt with later.  Too frustrated to organize it and put it away right now.

Okay now.  I grab my second choice fabric – the green mottled one – press it and start cutting.  A few hours later, I have this:


And this:


One table runner all ready for quilting, a second table runner that I am now sewing the 9-patches together (they are on my ironing board and sewing machine table right now), and the longest one awaiting its turn on the planning wall.  I need to cut some more 1/ 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ strips but am very well on my way to completing these.

And I know how I am going to quilt them.  Yay!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!