I went to a few garage sales on Friday and ran across one that had lots of stuff I needed (uh, wanted) including a blond blue-eyed Daisy Kingdom doll.  Daisy Kingdom made two 17″-18″ dolls named Daisy and Pansy.  Since I already have a brown-eyed brunette Pansy, I decided that this one would be called Lily because of her pretty yellow hair.  Here is a picture of her with her four sisters.


They are from left to right:  Pansy, Daisy, Nikki, Maggie, and Lily.  Thought my doll family was complete with the first four dolls, but I was mistaken.  Now it’s complete.  Well, at least until I run across another 17-18″ doll that needs a good home.

Happy shopping,

Lana, Pansy, Daisy, Nikki, Maggie and Lily