I have been so busy the past weeks, that I haven’t written a new post for my blog.  Can’t believe it!  Where does the time go.  I have been busy picking strawberries, making strawberry jam, working on the crocheted sweater pattern, and meeting a May challenge in one of my Yahoo groups.  So here is an update on all of this activity.


I’ve lost count on how many gallons of strawberries my husband and I have picked, but we’ve given away a couple of gallons, and I’ve made 24 half-pints of strawberry jam, froze 3 individual cups of crushed strawberries for making strawberry cakes, and froze 1 quart of crushed strawberries to make another batch of jam later on.  I still have a gallon of strawberries to work.  Our strawberry patch hasn’t produced a gallon total in the past 3 years.  I guess it is making up for that this year.

The Crocheted Sweater Pattern

Progress is slow mainly because I didn’t like how some things were going and have ripped back several times to try another approach.  But it is finally coming together, and the pattern is about half written.  It will still be a number of weeks before the pattern will be released.  After I finish the pattern, it has to go to the testers.  Hopefully we’ll get all the bugs worked out before the pattern is released.

The Yahoo Group May Challenge

I am most pleased with my creation for this challenge.  We were required to use the pattern #1033:  Bonjour, Paris Mini Wardrobe for 18″ Dolls from Lee & Pearl.  The pattern is free when you sign up for their newsletter.  Here is the link:  freepattern

After I finished the top and shorts, I make a hat to go with the outfit.  The hat pattern was also a free download on Freebie Friday from Bonjour Teaspoon at Pixie Faire.  It is now available for sale.  Get it here:  Phoebe Hat 

I found the free purse pattern Create Kids Couture.  Get it here:  Double Ruffle Doll Purse

I even made the shoes!  This was my first attempt at making shoes, and I am quite pleased with them.  This pattern was also a Freebie Friday download from Miche Designs at Pixie Faire.  It is also now available for sale.  Get it here:  Gladiator Sandals

Now for the unveiling of my completed outfit.  Drum roll, please!  Ta! Da!IMG_6240

Nikki loves her new outfit, and so do I.

Happy Creating,

Lana, Nikki, Daisy and Pansy