Why Lana’s Lark?  Well, first of all, my name is Lana which starts with the letter “L”.  What word starts with the letter “L” that describes what I want from the rest of my life?  I chose the word “Lark” because a lark is an escapade, a game, a pastime. Synonyms for lark are adventure, amusement, distraction, diversion, entertainment, hobby, interest, play, recreation. The opposite of lark is work.  What a wonderful way to spend my retirement years doing anything but “work”!

I love to sew.  Self-taught at the age of 13 making my Barbie doll some clothes. I now have three 17-18″ dolls that wear the same size clothing as the American Girl doll.  I found Daisy, a Daisy Kingdom doll, on eBay for $39.95 with free shipping.  She is the most adorable little girl doll.  I thought to myself that I really like this doll.  I wouldn’t have spent that much on her if I didn’t really REALLY like her.  And the dress she was wearing was to die for.  So I hit that button “Buy It Now”, paid for her, and she arrived a few days later. When I removed her from the packaging, I said right out loud to anyone who was listening, “I don’t just like this doll, I love this doll!”

Later I found Pansy, another Daisy Kingdom doll, at a garage sale.  I paid the sum total of 50 cents for her.  Now that’s my kind of a bargain.  Took her home; cleaned her up; and introduced her to Daisy.  Daisy insisted that Pansy share her clothes, and we very quickly agreed on a pretty dress for her.  After she was dressed, she made her home alongside Daisy in the corner of my sewing room.

Then along came Nikki.  Nikki is another garage sale find that cost the enormous sum of a quarter.  After a good cleaning, she was introduced to Daisy and Pansy.  The three of them became fast friends, and now they share the ever-growing 18″ doll wardrobe  If I make something for one of them, the other two keep reminding me that they need something new.  They can be quite demanding. And being the spoiled little girls that they are, they decided that they want original clothing designed just for them..So began my pattern designing adventure.  Nikki is jumping up and down waving her arms right now.  She is “gently” reminding me to tell you that she is the model for the designs.

Okay, now that she is happy again, we can continue our conversation. My first design was a crocheted Spring short-sleeved sweater that my girls love.  So far I have made two and the third one is almost finished.  The pattern has been written, tested, tweaked, and published online.  (I’ll list the URLs in a minute in case you’re interested.)

Red sweater croppedIMG_6076 cropped sweaterMy girl’s wouldn’t let me rest until I had designed some cute ruffled shorts to go with the new sweaters.  So back to the drawing board I went.  I had a lot of fun designing and making the shorts in two lengths with either one or two ruffles, but it turns out that sewing pattern instructions are not as easy to write as crochet pattern instructions.  But I got it done.  That pattern is also available.

Framed Green Outfit

Framed Red Outfit

And now I’m off to design another outfit.  Yes, yes, Pansy, I’ll design this one just for you.  Sheesh!  Will they ever give it a rest? I hope that you enjoy visiting Lana’s Lark and that you come back again and again. Here’s wishing you many a “lark” in your life,

Lana, Daisy, Pansy, and Nikki

And as promised, here are the links to my stores where you may purchase the patterns: